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Spring  2016
​May 6-7, 2016

​Haggin Auditorium - Transylvania University

300 N Broadway

Lexington, KY 40508

Our first ever concert-style dance piece - with our Blackbird flair - was an exciting new setting for our adaptation of classical Greek and Roman Mythology. Through our stage combat, poetry, storytelling, and, of course, our dancing, we crafted beautiful and grotesque tales of transformation which, despite being hundreds of years old, can still teach us a thing or two about our lives today. Hubris, vanity, narcissism, fear, strength, wisdom, and courage - we see evil just as much as beauty in our lives. It's our choice of what to become.

Python Attack
Dawn - Aurora
Perseus V.S. Ocean
Aurora - Emilie Dhir
Walking on Sunshine 1
Aurora 2
Circe - Celebration
Arachne Transformation
Python Attack 2
Fury - Kieshaun
Walking on Sunshine 2
Daphne - Distrust
Senior Class
Arachne 2
Walking on Sunshine 3
Perseus - Nell Adkins
Sunrise Trio
Athena - Jordan Vescio
Apollo and Venus
Jupiter 2
Hercules V.S. Hydra
Apollo and Magic Rocks
Dawn 3
Arachne Caught
Pygmalion - Anna Hoots
Hercules - Garrett Rea
Dawn 2
Arachne 3
Minerva and Arachne
Jupiter and Icarus
Daphne 2
Hercules Prepares
Medea Insanity
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