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1. Our staff is fully vaccinated and although it isn't required as of now, we encourage our students to do so as soon as made available.  Students are not required to wear a mask at this time. If you have not been vaccinated we ask that you consider wearing a mask to protect others.  We will ALWAYS adhere to the Governor's guidelines and recommendations in regards to mask wearing and social distancing during class time.  We will notify students via email if/when our restrictions change again.

2. We reserve the right to ask you to provide us with more testing results as the semester continues. 

3. No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days  If a dancer or staff member has had COVID-19, then they will need to be fever-free and symptom-free for 48 hours, and/or have quarantined for 14 days since being diagnosed before being allowed back in the studio.

4. If you or anyone you have come into contact with has traveled out of the country, you should quarantine in isolation for 14 days before coming to the studio.

5.  No close or sustained contact with anyone who is sick within 14 days of training at Blackbird. 

6. Each participant must wash their hands prior to training sessions.

7. Morning, evening, and between class wipe down/deep cleaning of studio spaces.

8. Hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, and waste baskets will be provided in convenient locations.

9. Frequently touched surfaces (i.e. door handles, barres, and floor) will be appropriately during class rotation times.

10.  Once you have been vaccinated please provide us with proof of your vaccination for our records.  Thank you.

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