Warm Ups/Stretching/Strength Training

You can follow along, or stop and do reps of everything as many times as you need/want to.  Once you get a few of these things back in your body, you'll be ready to take off with your own recipe of training.  Remember to lift up, stomach to spine, engage, and squeeze! And always remember to breathe.  Birdies. stop and help your parents understand proper alignment, rotation, flat back, contraction, etc.  Teaching others teaches you.


  • First position plies to stretched feet (Work on straight knees!)

  • Battement/Changement open and close two beats to begin and triple for challenge

  • Retire in parallel/open both hips equally/develope to a la seconde/and lift to ear keeping small of back on the ground and supporting leg stable.

  • You can add fans and as many reps as you feel you need to.

  • From seconde you can rotate or fuete to arabesque position kick forward and through to arabesque in rep. When returning your back to the floor maintain proper alignment in the hips


These videos are in the third repetition for me. I suggest at least two reps of each part with stretching intermittent. You can use a regular elastic or resistance band for any of these reps.  Make sure you are engaging your core.  Stomach is in to spine, shoulders are back and down, pelvis is right under you.  Knees just over toes and stomach engaged with each motion.