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I haven't danced WITH anyone in over 2 weeks.  So, I decided to make these two trees my partner. I started with super generic, obvious ideas and moved toward falling and pressure.  I sort of didn't want my time with both of them to end.  I really like trees.

NOW... you find something or someTHING in your yard or home to dance with. Make this inanimate object or living thing your scene/dance partner! Think less along the lines of "props" and more "scenery" or "partner". Instead of a broom, maybe a big comfy couch or chair?

I imagined myself moving as the largest possible paint brush to get going. HUGE BRUSH STROKES. Tried to focus largely on where I found myself in space/body VERSUS trying to make up a dance or "combo" as some like to say.  Settling deep in movement and practicing control, especially on muddy, grassy terrain :)

Deepened the focus into feet and knees trying to stay grounded and gentle.  Watch out for your curious pups!

This is all about hopping, jete, and  and weight distribution. Felt like a rabbit when I began and just stayed there.  Allowed myself to keep my feet moving even if they were just walking or stepping and focused on breaking usual patterns with my arms.  Tried to just keep moving without second guessing. Feeling youthful and allowing a conversation with the sun to begin. She was on my right. 

I had been dancing for about an hour here.  Was feeling much more warmed up.  Began to make the focus a bit finer.  Focus of the head as it connects to spine and pelvis. 

Found myself responding to pressure and my own touch.  A nice impulse to follow.  I was working on creating a very thick cloud of thinkless movement. You will see me smile in joy at the freedom I found.  Go find yours!!!!

I still needed to converse with sun, so that dialogue continued.  And, I decided to settle into some repetitive patterns here.  I discovered some new things and wanted to stay in them. Taking in the information and repeating for memory.  

When you decide to either follow along or try on your own, be kind to yourself. Remember to say hello to all the parts of yourself, but you don't have to do it simultaneously.  Try not to do steps, just move through space.  Get outside and dance birdies~!!!

1. Initiate a body part

2. Add a technique (Slice, Press, Dab, etc.

3. Action/Verb (Example - to hide, to fall, to search

4. Choose a level (Low, medium, high)

5. Play with timing and speed

6. Remember to have fun!  There are no "right" answers, just more and more questions.

Practice your turns!  And, never take yourself too seriously :) 

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