1. All students and instructors must be masked upon entry, while in the studio, and upon exiting the building.

 2.  A temperature and symptom check will be recorded prior to each training session.  We have a no-touch thermometer and if temperature is > than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit and/or you have symptoms, you must go home, monitor symptoms, and contact a physician.   

3. Class size for 18 yrs. and below will remain at 6-8 students to ensure for proper distancing.

4. Class size for adult and open classes will only allow for 11 students and 1 instructor.  

5. Our congregation areas are off limits. Students will be encouraged to store their personal items 6-10 ft. away from one another with specified/marked locations.

6. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to class.  We have added 10 to 15 minutes of transition time between all classes for students to enter, leave, or move studios.

7. Vending machine and shared water container will be off limits.  Please bring plenty of your own water to training sessions.  

8. There will be no direct contact dancer to dancer OR teacher to dancer.  All partnering practices are off limits at this time.

9. Parents and friends are not allowed in the building.  Our waiting areas are currently closed.  You are welcome to wait in the parking lot as long as you like and there are some nice places outside to wait as well.

10. All instructors will undergo frequent COVID-19 testing.  We ask that students 14+ be COVID-19 tested prior to taking class. You must provide us with proof of results prior to first class. Students 13 years and younger can either be tested or show proof of results from someone they share a household with.

11. We reserve the right to ask you to provide us with more testing results as the semester continues. 

12. No signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days  If a dancer or staff member has had COVID-19, then they will need to be fever-free and symptom-free for 48 hours, and/or have quarantined for 14 days since being diagnosed before being allowed back in the studio.

13. If you or anyone you have come into contact with has traveled out of the country, you should quarantine in isolation for 14 days before coming to the studio.

14.  No close or sustained contact with anyone who is sick within 14 days of training at Blackbird. 

15. Each participant must wash their hands prior to training sessions.

16. Birdies are encouraged to enter and leave the studio with dance clothes under street clothes.  

17. Barres will be cleaned prior to and immediately following use.  .

18. Morning, evening, and between class wipe down/deep cleaning of studio spaces.

19. Hand sanitizer, soap, tissues, and waste baskets will be provided in convenient locations.

20. Frequently touched surfaces (i.e. door handles, barres, and floor) will be appropriately during class rotation times.


Thank you for your understanding as hope to keep our staff and students safe and healthy during this time.  

 Class Placement 


  • Taking class with your peer group is an important part of your development and education. Returning students received the Artistic Director’s recommendations for classes via email.  Students training with Blackbird are only eligible to choose from the recommended classes.  We take skill level, strength, experience, and overall maturity into great regard when determining the best place for each birdie.  We want each student to succeed and at Blackbird the teachers know best. We take great care in placing you appropriately for the best possible outcome in your training.  


  • When you register, you will be asked to mark the classes of your choice. This does not confirm your placement. After your registration has been reviewed by our staff, you will be notified of your class placement and your registration will be confirmed.    



More Specifics

Winter Semester is a total of 10 weeks: Monday, January 4th - Saturday, March 13th.

Spring Semester's Schedule will be released on March 1st.



Monday, January 18th/MLK Day


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